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        A Message from our President & Chief Executive Officer Marc Michael

        In normal times and especially in times of crisis, SPX FLOW’s purpose has never been more clear; we innovate with customers to help feed and enhance the world.

        As governments across the world mandate complete or partial shutdowns for non-essential businesses, SPX FLOW is, in most cases, considered an essential business for the role we play to support our customers, channel partners and end users so they can deliver life's essential elements to consumers.

        Our engineering solutions, high quality products, aftermarket parts and technical services are critical to support the production of household brand names that provide water, foods, beverages, infant formula, medicine and personal care items that are in high demand.


        A Message to our Customers and Channel Partners

        The safety, health and well-being of our people, their families and our business partners are top priorities. We hope you, your family members and colleagues around the world remain safe and well.

        We have been proactive regarding the safety and well-being of our people and business partners, while also implementing action plans to ensure productivity and customer support.

        As a company, we are driven by our core values, one being to think about our customers at all times. With the ever-changing environment surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to provide you a broad update on our business operations and what we are doing to manage service and delivery to our valued customers and stakeholders across the globe.