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        Marine Focused Design

        SPX FLOW manufactures equipment for marine and shipbuilding applications including ship bunkering, bilge and ballast, sea water intake, main engine cooling and many more.

        The SPX FLOW filtration brands have supplied filters to the marine industry for over 50 years, with a depth of experience in the naval, commercial and oil sectors.

        Industrial Marine Equipment


        SPX FLOW’s marine filtration equipment offers high quality, lightweight and compact solutions for an industry where space is a premium. Having a wide range of standard sizes and materials to select from allows SPX FLOW application engineers to design a custom filtration product to fit your delivery schedule and budget.?

        SPX FLOW offers compressed air dryers and filters that remove oil, water, dirt, rust and pipe scale. Compressed air system purification is an important process that can improve work efficiency and reduce maintenance frequency. Removing contaminants that can adversely affect all components of an air distribution system – including causing the pneumatic controls to fail - protects the system.

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        Bran+Luebbe : Metering Pump with Double-Acting Pump-heads

        This animation shows the Bran+Luebbe, An SPX Brand, Novados metering pump with double-acting pump heads. Highlighting 2 pump configurations (vertical and horizontal), a smaller footprint and decreased overall pump weight.


        Marine Filtration

        Industrial Marine Processes

        Modern marine vessels employ pneumatic control systems requiring less manpower yet providing maximum safety, superb efficiency and excellent reliability. The system air supplied by a compressor naturally contains unwanted impurities like condensed water and oil particles, which may eventually cause malfunctions and break downs of precision instruments and other machinery. SPX FLOW dehydration and filtration technologies are designed to purify system air, removing unwanted impurities. SPX FLOW Filters are supplied to sectors of the marine industry including:


        SPX FLOW equipment is can be used on all types of surface ships such as minesweepers, frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers, as well as conventional and nuclear submarines.

        Oil & Gas

        Our filtration systems can be used on the latest generation floating production storage & offloading vessels (FPSO’s) for pipe laying (and testing) ships as well as offshore platforms.

        Bulk liquid carriers/shore facilities

        SPX FLOW marine filters have been used for years within bunkering including pump and meter protection as well as product transfer applications. Support vessels such as auxiliary oilers, landing platform docks as well as dock gates have all incorporated Plenty Filters in their designs.

        SPX FLOW aftermarket services include training, consulting, remote diagnostics, genuine spare parts, and maintenance. Our experienced engineers are available to design custom-fit replacement parts to customer equipment to promote smooth operation. Please contact our aftermarket department for specific details on services available in your area.


        Air Treatment

        SPX FLOW designs energy-efficient yet proficient compressed air dryers and dehydration systems.

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