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        Industrial Water Processing Solutions

        Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment

        SPX FLOW has developed a number of the Water and Wastewater mixing standards over 100 years of industry experience. Modernly SPX FLOW brands Lightnin and Plenty are on the cutting edge of water and wastewater treatment impeller design. The Rochester, NY based mixing lab, features a 50 square-foot water basin for detailed testing, refinement, and development of advanced water and wastewater treatment mixing systems.

        Water treatment mixing is centered on the coagulation of chemicals within tested water to cause nonsettling particles to form floc or a mass of solids. This process is carried by variable surface aerators design, therefore the key to effective and efficient industrial water treatment is an optimized flash mixer. SPX FLOW brands Lightnin and Plenty utilize two emerging technologies to render accurate impeller performance and to optimize functional mixers design.

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        SPX FLOW Mixing Lab in Rochester, NY

        The SPX FLOW mixing lab located in Rochester, NY houses a range of environments to test and develop precise mixing solutions.


        Mixing Technologies

        Water and Wastewater Mixing Solutions?

        Computable Fluid Dynamics software?

        CFD Software is a vital process to designing consistent, optimal industrial mixing systems. CFD Software is a predictive technology, that creates an accurate simulation of the mixing process. That simulation can then be forwarded to predict the function of the mixer after 6 months or further. The predictive model created can also be used to test mixer performance on a minute level of detail and establish optimal flow patterns within the mixing system. This mixing technology gives SPX FLOW insight into the mixing process, allowing for the fabrication of an optimal mixing solution with lasting potential.

        Laser Doppler Velocimetry?

        Laser Doppler Velocimetry is utilized in the construction of accurately optimal mixing systems through the measurement of flow velocity by observing doppler shift within a system. Fundamentally, Laser Doppler Velocimetry is integrated into the SPX FLOW global mixing lab’s mixer design capabilities. By measuring the velocity within a flow system SPX FLOW brands Lightnin and Plenty can better predict the flow rate of a mixing solution. Laser Doppler Velocimetry is integral to the development and testing of cutting-edge mixing solutions.



        Industrial separation equipment is primary to the clarification process and ultimately product quality.

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        Mixing & Blending

        SPX FLOW application engineers develop customized mixing and blending solutions to the specific process needs of a customer.

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        Thermal Processing - UHT

        SPX FLOW application engineers can help develop a specialized heat-treating process for a customer’s needs.

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        News & Events


        Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2020

        Location: Gorinchem, Netherlands
        Dates: Mar 23 - Mar 25

        On 19, 20 and 21 March 2019, Evenementenhal Gorinchem will be hosting the 13th edition of Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs. As a visitor, you join more than 9,500 water professionals in seeing, feeling, and experiencing the latest innovations and products during this key Dutch water management trade fair. As in previous editions, Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2019 will be hosted in tandem with RioleringsVakdagen. Visitors may visit both trade fairs for free. Visit SPX FLOW Johnson Pump at L.138