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        Seital Separation

        Serving the dairy, beverage and industrial sectors, SPX FLOW’s highly esteemed Seital Separation brand specializes in leading-edge separation and clarification technology.
        Through our consummate knowledge of fluid dynamics, we have been able to develop and manufacture advanced centrifugal separating equipment and cost-effective rotary strainers. Simple to install and long-lasting, this equipment allows the removal of suspended solids from liquids, separation of liquids with different specific gravities, recovery of valuable solids from liquid suspensions and de-watering of suspensions to increase concentration levels. Among the key applications are skimming milk/cream, clarifying beer/wine, plus the processing of chemicals (solvent clarification, biomass concentration, among many others), engineering fluids (e.g. lubricant purification) and pharmaceutical products (such as antibiotic recovery).
        Our engineers can advise customers on maximizing the effectiveness of their operations, as well as troubleshooting potential production challenges. The services offered encompass detailed reviews of existing equipment followed by proposed upgrade plans, all the way up to the testing and analysis of entire processes to pinpoint where significant improvements could be made. Through pilot plant installations, we are also able to assist customers with initial evaluation of processing systems before scaling up.

        Seital Separation


        Industrial separation equipment is primary to the clarification process and ultimately product quality.

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