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        Installation & Commissioning

        Getting you up and running

        Ready for action

        Correct installation is paramount to ensuring that performance and efficiency are maximised and that the product is unaffected. Our installation and commissioning experts work with your engineers and specialists to make sure that plant solution or product is correctly installed and meets the agreed specifications before starting production. SPX FLOW offers installation, installation supervision, installation validation and start up & commissioning on all products from a single piece of SPX FLOW machinery up to a full scale plant.

        Corrective maintenance

        Standing by our products

        When and where you need us

        With a breadth of highly skilled experts located around the world, rest assured that we can be there to help you should you need it. Whether it be via remote support or an in-person visit, SPX FLOW can get you back up and running swiftly with minimal disruption. We will also be able to advise on likely root causes and discuss potential avenues to reduce downtime in the future. See Preventative Maintenance to learn more about our programs that focus on maintaining all equipment to maximize up-time.


        Local Support through Certified Partners

        Tailored for you

        SPX FLOW has a global support network, which includes fully certified partners, in place to ensure you get the support you need when and where you need it - no matter where you are. We continually invest in our network to ensure you have professional support throughout the product lifecycle. Our experience and expertise mean we can quickly resolve issues and work with you to maintain and enhance the performance of your solution with service plans that are tailored to your specific needs.

        Preventative maintenance

        Tailored maintenance plans

        Improving reliability, up-time and confidence

        Through engineering excellence, deep understanding of process applications and automation expertise, we have developed a comprehensive range of service solutions to meet your specific process and business needs. Our flexible maintenance contracts are designed to suit both your requirements and budget, from a basic level of service right through to all embracing programs that help you achieve measurable plant improvements. Maintenance services are further supported by a comprehensive range of advanced testing and refurbishment programs. These are specifically designed to help safeguard product quality, reduce waste, increase efficiency and optimise production levels while helping provide traceability and compliance with environmental and quality control regulations.

        Smooth, integrated services from the inception of a project to its extension and decommissioning help us provide better service and helps ensure our solutions are truly “Engineered for Life”. We continually invest in services and facilities to help you get the most from your assets and our approach to service combines flexibility and industry-leading technologies to help you maintain your competitive edge.?

        Our comprehensive portfolio of services helps address key drivers that can impact the smooth running of your process plant and equipment. We can work with you identify and resolve performance issues, reduce unscheduled downtime, increase efficiency, heighten product safety and security, and lower outage costs.


        Asset life-cycle?management

        Extending asset life

        We will work with you to ensure you get the best from your equipment and investment. Preventative maintenance and remanufacturing services help you get the most from your initial investment and can be scheduled to fit with your production schedule and dovetail with peaks in demand. We can help you adapt your systems to meet the needs of fluctuating consumer demands, changing regulations and the increasing need for product traceability. We will work with you to develop pathways whereby you can embrace the benefits of new technologies and production methods, digitalization, and smart manufacturing techniques while making best use of the equipment you already have installed.

        Reduced cost of ownership

        Unlocking potential

        Our continued investment in research and development means we will carry on setting new benchmarks in the industry and keep pace with changes to regulatory and consumer demands. As at the start of your process lifecycle, new solutions will be designed with features that mean you get the most from the life-cycle of your new or upgraded system.

        We will work with you to get the most from your processes and ensure your business is prepared and protected as the industry and technology advances. We will never over-engineer but will be there to advise and help you make the best decision for the future of your business. Together we will help protect your brand and work with you to grow your business through enhanced efficiency, sustainability, quality and innovation.
        Our technical experts can help identify issues that are restraining the performance of your system and recommend proven technologies, enhanced automation control, upgrades or process improvements that will help you get more from your investment.

        The solutions we offer will be specific to you and your processes but, whatever your process and needs, they will always be designed to reduce risks to your business, lower costs and meet your goals for business growth and sustainability.

        Compliance to latest standards

        Agile products

        Our components are at the heart of process plant and upgrading to newer models will raise performance levels.


        Giving power to you

        Sharing knowledge & experience

        Correct operation, on-the-spot troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance by your own staff is the fastest and most economical way of ensuring safe, efficient operation and long service life; making training one of the key services we offer. You can choose between formalized training and seminars at one of the global SPX FLOW facilities or on-site training courses, customized for your particular equipment, processes and maintenance technicians. Each SPX FLOW process solution is supported by operator training schemes based on the experience and expertise of your brand engineers and technicians.

        Our aim is to make you as self-supporting as possible:

        • On-site, hands-on training in your workshop
        • Hands-on practice in disassembly and assembly
        • Operator training in your specific applications

        Optimize through Automation

        Enhancing performance

        Automation is an important part of any processing line. Modern systems help ensure reliability and optimized operating costs but they also add flexibility, traceability, assist with the control of quality and enhance overall operational safety of the system. Full integration with enterprise resource planning systems accurately measures performance and provides real-time data to monitor product quality and need for proactive maintenance to keep the system running reliably and consistently. By allowing you a better understanding of what is happening in your plant, we can help you improve plant performance. Real time asset management and maintenance software provide solutions designed to optimize asset value and improve manufacturing productivity. It offers process manufacturing companies the functionality that empowers maintenance personnel and operators to effectively manage maintenance activities, improve manpower utilization and extend asset life.

        SPX FLOW automation solutions:

        • Provide a vast pool of industry and technology experience to reduce risk
        • Use the power of automation system to optimize service tasks
        • Ensure that the right person can access the right information at the right time
        • Complement in-house expertise as and when needed
        • Improve competitiveness through best practice
        • Increase the ability to make continuous improvements
        OEM Spare Parts

        Genuine parts and maintenance kits

        Precision engineering

        Our genuine spare parts are precisely engineered to our continuously increasing quality standards. As spares availability is crucial to the smooth running of your operation, our strategically located Spare Parts Distribution Centres and network of distribution partners offer rapid delivery of our genuine spare parts along with advanced spares consolidation and management services to help keep your processes running. Maintenance kits are also available, conveniently putting all the parts required for regular servicing in one kit, making it easier to service.