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        SPX Rail Systems provides the railway sector with highly effective solutions that improve network efficiency and protect lives. These solutions are applicable to both conventional and next-generation high-speed rail services. They have a rugged construction, so they can endure ongoing outdoor deployment (even when subjected to extreme weather conditions.)

        SPX Rail Systems’ point operating equipment delivers rapid responsiveness, with a choice of hydraulic or electro-mechanical drives available. Thanks to built-in condition monitoring technology, potential future points of failure can be identified and preemptively addressed before they actually occur. In order to maximize safety, the electro-hydraulic hardware produced for lifting level crossing barriers has remote position sensing functions. These allow signal control staff to confirm that the barrier is fully down before letting a train through.
        Once installed, all of our equipment is backed up by a proactive and skillful team of technicians. Customers also have the added assurance that SPX Rail Systems is supported by SPX FLOW’s international sales network, exceptional in-house engineering talent and modern production and testing facilities.